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The Cost of Whistleblowing

Marti Oakley

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Sheila White

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The Light of the World Sounds the Alarm

Belinda Ferrell Kornegay


Marti Oakley

Guardianship abuse activism and advocacy. 13 years hosting and producing TS Radio Network, featuring shows on guardianship abuses, Whistleblowers, Hospice deaths and other topics.

The Cost of Whistleblowing 

 By Marti Oakley


For several years I have hosted a Whistleblower radio show. I have had guests from numerous federal agencies interviewed and several from the community at large. These guests are whistleblowers who had enough integrity and spine to step forward and expose wrongdoing, fraud, theft, and various other crimes in their respective agencies or fields of work; all of it costing the government untold amounts of money. We, as taxpayers, foot the bill for all of it.


In response, the whistleblower is maligned, ostracized, lied about, tormented, and gang stalked even in their own communities. We pay for all of this too.


Instead of recognizing these people for their sacrifices or for doing the right thing, they are routinely harassed, including efforts to make sure they cannot find work elsewhere. The constant pressure and stress takes its toll not only on the whistleblower but also on their family members. This can continue for years after blowing the whistle. This is not only a vendetta for exposing the crimes, it also serves as a warning to others who might be considering doing some whistleblowing of their own.


When whistleblowers win their case they are rarely compensated for the loss of their time, energy, and effort.


As for the agency heads or other employees engaging in the crimes, there appears to be very few penalties. Taxpayers pay for legal fees, any fines, or other assessments. If too much evidence has accrued to make denial possible, these people are encouraged to retire from their positions in order to retain all benefits. It is a rare occurrence that any of these individuals is ever charged, or in any way penalized for their wrongdoing. Instead, many times they are rewarded with new positions in other agencies, or positions in the private sector are secured for them.


If you knew that a court case could drag on for years while your life is destroyed, your name trashed, you can't find a job, your family falls apart, and you stand to lose everything you worked for all for some monetary reward that is not guaranteed ...would you speak up?


Support all the whistleblowers who put everything on the line to do the right thing.

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